Web Design / Development Scam !!!!

Today, We got an email from a scammer who wanted to steal your money, Let me tell you how. Let me paste the whole email that I am getting.

"I need an information website to promote my business,so i need you to check out this site but i need something more perfect than this if its possible http://frontrangedents.com/. So i need you to get me an estimate based on the site i gave you to check out, the estimate should include hosting and i want the same page as the site i gave you to check out and the consultant company has the text content and the logos for the site.


1. I want the same number of pages with the example site i gave you to check excluding blogs.

2. I want only English language

3. I don't have a domain yet but i want the domain name as: www-collision-repair-specialty-llc.online

4. i will be proving the images, logos and content for the site My budget is $3,500 to $6,500

I will be waiting for your email for the estimate

Here is my company name: COLLISION PERFECT REPAIR kindly get back to me with your cellphone number so that we can have suitable text on phone

 Best regards

after you send the proposal they are replying back with the below email.

Thank you so much for your endless effort on my project,am okay with the estimate of $8,000.00 everything also ready to make payment now with my credit card, 

I understand the content for this site would be needed so work can start asap but i will need a Little favor from you and the favor is that I will send you my credit card to charge for the sum of $9,100.00 plus 3% Cc company charges, 

You will deduct $4,000.00 as deposit for the design of the website plus extra $100.00 as a tip for handling perfect work for me and you will send the remaining $5,000.00 to the project consultant that has the text content and the logo for my website so once he receive the $5,000.00 he would send the text content and logo needed for my website to you so work can start asap,

Sending of funds would be after money clears into your account and You will be charging my card for remaining balance upon completion of work,Will you send me an invoice to make the payment ?Kindly get back to me so we can proceed with payment asap including your direct cell phone.

I'll await your positive response, so, we can get the ball rolling.

Best Regards"

When you read these emails, you find a genuine client right? But they are a fraud. Suppose you agree with these terms, they force to use stripe to access credit card transaction. When you send an invoice to them and ask to enter the credit card information, they will tell you that somehow the credit card is not working for them, so they will give you the whole credit card information with a security code. They will ask you to access these details and directly use them in the stripe.

After you will access this card and do the transaction they will ask you to transfer some of the amounts to his/her consultant. They will ask you to use the Cash app. When you ask them to make a direct transfer to their consultant they will make an excuse to transfer.

So after complete all transactions, after a few days, they will ask you to stop working. And ask you to refund. Now you are already transferring some of the amounts to his consultant and you don’t have the money of this client. He will go to the bank and file a dispute for these transactions and stripe will directly deduct the amount from your bank account to resolve the disputes. If you trying to reach the consultant to whom you have transferred the money, you are not able to reach them.

After if you trying to reach them they won’t pick up the call not even email you back.

Hope this article will help you to protect yourself.

Write a comment if you found any kind of scam ever.

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